Jesus taught us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Here in Flint, Michigan, our neighbors have very unique troubles.

Below are some ways that we are #ForFlint.


Flint City Recovery

A weekly gathering for recovering addicts and for families of addicts. Sunday nights at 6p, 718 Oak Street.


Brownell Blvd Coalition

The North Side of Flint was one of the hardest hit parts of the city with the water crisis. To make matters worse, most of the kids on the north side eat mostly processed foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables help a child to process lead. So we have teamed up with an organization that is committed to provide food, teach kids how to grow gardens and cook the food therein, and even how to sell food and engage in small business entrepreneurship.


Hope’s House

Addiction ravages the neighborhoods of our city. We see men and women come out of recovery centers and then go right back into the environment that fostered their addiction. So Flint City is opening homes to help addicts reenter society. We provide accountability, structure, and a network to assist those in recovery.