The Overseers are local pastors who oversee the health and vision of Flint City Church. They provide wisdom and direction for Flint City Church.

Jay Combs, Family Pastor of The River Church of Holly

Wes Morris, Pastor of The Rock Church of Fenton

John Scalley, Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church of Flint


An elder is a pastor. Pastors are the leaders of God’s church. They provide spiritual direction for the people.

Ernesto Alaniz, Pastor. ernesto@flintcitychurch.com


A deacon is a servant in God’s church. The manage the daily operation of the ministry.

John Coombs, Deacon of Technology. jcoombs81@gmail.com

Joseph Lovitt, Deacon of Children’s Ministry. josephlvtt@gmail.com

Ricky Spillers, Deacon of Music. rick.spillers@gmail.com